Caramel Popcorn


Who doesn’t love popcorn especially with caramel?! Well I know someone who doesn’t ;). Whenever I go to the cinema with family or friends, popcorn is always a must alongside some nachos. Some people like theirs with cheese, butter or simply with salt and for me I like it with caramel.

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Mini Cream Puffs


I keep seeing videos on how to make eclairs and I decided to create one since I’ve never really made one and the only eclairs i had was from Dunkin’ Donuts. I decided why not try making one and see how it goes. My eclairs failed and well it didn’t quite get big it just got hard and it looked like biscuits, the taste on the other hand was really nice though and it kinda taste like that eggnog cookies  from the Philippines which I really liked when I was a kid.

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