I do what I can.

Hi I’m Kirk, the baker and the author of this blog. Welcome!

I’m a home cook based in Qatar (yup in case you don’t know where it is, It’s near Dubai). I love looking at food, eating it and specially making it. I discovered my passion for making food when I was in college, school started in the afternoon and I had to cook in the morning for my family since I’m the only one left at the house, everyone had their work and school.

My passion for baking bloomed when I was mesmerized by all those pretty pastries and how they all look beautiful to your eyes. I started using those box mixes to develop my skills ( I still am learning a lot), as the time passed I had the courage to make my stuff from scratch. I was scared that it wouldn’t turn out well which it did but that didn’t stop me from making more and learning from my mistakes.

Baking isn’t easy like how they show it, you really have to be passionate and love what you’re doing to create beautiful and delicious food. I wanna keep on growing, learning and developing more skills and maybe open a shop in the future.

A little bit of info about me. I’m Kirk, 21, a simple guy who came from a beautiful city in the Philippines then migrated to the hot desert of Qatar. Other than baking I love gaming and watching YouTube especially watching Cupcake Jemma‘s videos which is where i learn the great stuff.

If you ever wanna bake just keep on going, if it fails keep on trying.

C’est La  Vie.


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